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Virtual 360 Estate Agents Virtual Tours

Why draw your own floor plans when we can draw them for you from sketches for just £4.50 per property. So much cheaper than Metropix

Estate agents virtual tours photographed and put online from as little as £4.50 per property.

Our Estate Agents Virtual Tours Package provides an unlimited number of virtual tours and unlimited still photographs of your properties. Your virtual tours can be viewed online within 24 hours. This is an ideal “add – on value service” to Home Inspectors or Domestic Energy Assessors (DEA) to complement their existing services and earn extra revenue in this tough property market.

For complete details or to order our virtual tour service for estate agents please call Virtual 360 on 0844 745 1906

The Only Cost-Effective Unlimited Virtual Tour Service Created for Estate Agents in the UK

Assuming that you, as a Professional Estate Agent, take virtual tours for just 144 properties over a year, then the real gross cost to you is just £10 per property. If the number was greater, then the, per property cost would be substantially lower. Furthermore, you are in an ideal situation to charge your client a bit more and use our service as a revenue stream and in doing so, the service we offer you comes free of charge. Taking the images is simple – just 10 minutes or so to take images of a 5 bedroom property.

Let’s look at an example … Virtual 360 provides you the complete service @ just £90 + vat per month. Using the above example, each property costs you a nominal £10 but at a pessimistic 240 properties in a year, thatindividual property cost to you is a staggeringly low £4.50!

No Processing Required – Just take the photographs and furthermore, no need to buy expensive cameras and software. After you have taken the photographs, it is then simply a case of uploading your photographs to a private login area on our server. Within 24 hours your tours will be processed and can be seen globally on the internet.

No specialist equipment required

- and furthermore, no need to invest in any hardware or software.

Estate Agents Virtual Tours Process

  1. View the property and take the photograph
  2. Upload the images to your private login area on our website
  3. Within 24 hours, your photographs will be processed into 360 virtual tours and we will email you a web link
  4. Copy Code & Paste the link onto your web page

It really is that simple, fast and convenient.

Viewing Property Virtual Tours Online is Simple

Just send your potential clients a link to the virtual tour of the property on a web page which can include all the details about the property and its location: virtual tours of each room, bar, restaurant, bedrooms, gardens, still photographs, room dimensions and floor plans and the list is endless. It’s an effortless and seamless interface that doesn’t require any navigation – one page does it all!. Complete online analytical statistics are also an option, to track and trace potential home buyers.

This system is highly effective, simple and affordable. It opens up the potential of the Internet: cutting out the time-wasting home viewers and expensive mailings, while attracting targeted home buyers, visitors and potential clients. More importantly, partnering with Virtual 360 means that you will be able to market properties or your business more professionally, and differentiate yourself from the competition.

To order Virtual Tours for Estate Agents please call 0844 745 1906

Alan Sugar’s view on Virtual 360

I am delighted with your success story. You specialise in 360-degree imaging using a digital camera and have already identified how property agents find this technology very useful.

The product you have is a great idea and I see a tremendous opportunity for it. Ram your website – down the throats of every estate agent

Sir Alan Sugar. “A Spoonful of Sugar,” Daily Mirror.

Virtual 360 is an easy to use virtual tour system that we believe will not only show properties in a professional manner, but help us list more properties in the first place.

Remax – Bishopbriggs

Virtual Tours for Estate Agents

The Bottom Line:

Win extra instructions, make more sales and stand out from the crowd by promising the vendors fewer viewings from pre-identified buyers only. They need to understand that more and more people are turning to the internet to select properties to view.

Just click ONCE!

For your 360-degree image and as you are in total control of the marketing of the property, take as many as required. Then, when you are back at your office, simply forward the images to us and we will process your virtual tours GUARANTEED within 24 hours

No third party delays encountered

You take the photographs while you take the new instructions. No need to contract others and the vendors will value our service.


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